Change log


  • created components page
  • created components 5, 7, 9, 12, 11
  • created title copy 1, 2-1, 2-2
  • created copy block 1-1, 2, 3, 4
  • container max width changed to 1240px
  • note I did not style any top level elements, eg h1, body, a
  • used your starter section symbols
  • I don't know what has already been created in the client project as I don't have access. Be careful copying the sections
  • i think if you copy the section over it will make a copy like Section 2.
  • copy block rows have a flex sub class applied

01/6 transferred components

  • style guide typography updated
  • component blocks restyled after typography update


  • updated component blocks
  • created artboard 9 interaction box (still need to fix interaction trigger)
  • created accordion, need to smooth interactions


  • built desktop mega navigation
  • built footer
  • built all form blocks
  • built newsletter modal
  • placed html elements for homepage


  • placed html elements for crm page
  • created two new content block types
  • placed html elements for firm
  • placed html elements for how we can help
  • created collection authors
  • created collection teams
  • created collections blog posts with correct fields
  • created blog page
  • created latest post section
  • built post component with a lot of conditional visiblity
  • created single column post collection page

Missing assets

Known problems

  • modal close button re-opens modal animation (Components > Modal Trigger)
  • grid boxes z-index issue (Home)
  • flip box dropdown trigger positioning problem (Components)
  • share trigger on posts don't work (Blog)
  • problem with footer brand block (Navigation Page)

Outstanding tasks

  • no mobile testing or optimization done yet
  • spacing not optimized
  • graphic elements need to be exported and placed
  • arrow icons need to be replaced
Components page
Navigation elements page
Home page
CRM page
Firm page
How we can help page